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Statistical comparison between the sets adds another layer of time and cost.

The source model for the term “triangulation” is also a problem for its use in sociology.

In surveying, the second measurement is not used to verify the first, while in sociological research, verification of method is the only justification for using triangulation at all.

In surveying, the correct position ies at the point of intersecting lines.

This can be very convenient when away from your home or office.

It is also generally more secure than connecting to free Wi-Fi connections, like those offered at coffee shops.

While verification of a sociological method is always ongoing, conflicting results are sometimes inevitable.

Different types of triangulation are used to test validity based on different variables.

It cost around to make a three-minute call from Boston to London in 1950. Today, you can do it for free with Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and other similar chat apps.

This fact alone opens many new opportunities that were previously impossible.

However, the metaphor of triangulating does not always make this clear to the researchers or to those reading the research.

This is a particular source of tension between sociological researchers who focus on either qualitative or quantitative methods, especially where some sources of data have traditionally been accepted without proper testing.

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