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For example, Zeste broadcasts on stations in the Western provinces on Saturday early evenings, while Luc et Luc airs Sunday evenings in the Maritimes.

Of Canada's three major French-language television networks, Radio-Canada is the only one that broadcasts terrestrially in all Canadian provinces.

Its ratings have improved with offbeat sitcoms, and the talk show Tout le monde en parle.

With this success, however, have come accusations of dumbing down.

Although the bulk of the prime-time schedule is Quebec-produced, a few dubbed shows from the US have also aired in prime-time, such as Perdus, Beautées désepérées, and Chère Betty.

On New Year's Eve, Radio-Canada presents a live comedy special, Bye Bye, which features musical and comedy guests, performing live.

SRC, along with RDS, shares the broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games in Canada for French viewers until the 2024 Summer Olympics.

and M pour musique, sketch shows like Les invincibles and Et Dieu créa Laflaque and dramas such as Les Hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin, Virginie and Tout sur moi.

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Other shows such as Découverte raised concerns about the safety of overhead bridges in Montreal after the collapse of a bridge in 2007.

I've also spent the past four years having many hard conversations about my health with my three children, thanks...

Ici Radio-Canada Télé (stylized as ICI Radio-Canada TēLē, and formerly known as Télévision de Radio-Canada) is a Canadian French-language broadcast television network that is owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (known in French as Société Radio-Canada), the national public broadcaster.

Local newscasts, which air during the lunch and supper hours, now also carry the Téléjournal name, i.e., Le Téléjournal Montréal.

The regional newscasts used to be called Ce Soir (This Evening).

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