Dog lovers dating canada responsible dating behavior

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State officials have been hounding the dog world for years over this issue.

Instead of blaming certain dog breeds for violence, people should instead be looking at the owners themselves (Pet-Owner Liability)....

Calgary, Canada has already started putting this idea into effect and have found it quite effective.

Here is some of what they have found “Research shows that just 1 hour of dog safety training in grades 2 and 3 can reduce these attacks by 80%.” (Alternatives to BSL) No where in my research on BSL laws have I seen it mentioned that they have reduced attacks by 80% or even close to that....

Personality is one of the greatest aspects of these kinds of dogs. Weimaraners have very strong and individual personalities of their own.

The pugs are known for their small square shaped bodies and cute wrinkles. They come in colors like apricot, black, and silver.

Even though the pug being a small energetic dog may seem fun, they can be a challenge to take care of.

After multiple court hearings, Niko was finally released and sent home with his family (Campbell).

Niko’s story is a great reference to the many controversial thoughts people have against the laws regarding breed bans for pit bulls....

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