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Barbara Greenberg, who points out that “Many — but not all — women perceive Halloween as a safe space to step out of their daily routines and have fun experimenting with costumes and their sensuality and sexuality.” For the full article, click the link above.October 29, 2017, Toronto Sun, Joanne Richard Rocky Road of Body Image: Bonespiration Can be Contagious, Inspiring Protruding Ribs, Thigh Gaps and Skeletal Spines Social media posts that glorify dangerously thin bodies are on the rise, pressuring girls to adhere to an unrealistic body ideal. Barbara Greenberg finds this troubling, and says that parents need to be aware of what their kids are doing in real life as well as in their virtual lives.Greenberg’s thoughts, read the full article on NBC News. Barbara Greenberg provides readers with sensible tips on how to be mindful, care for yourself and ease stress during the holidays. Greenberg says, “We must all keep in mind that the holidays can be quite overwhelming as well as exciting.

If you can’t stand the person but have a great physical relationship, rethink the relationship. If one person is uncomfortable with any type of physical expression, don’t do it. Don’t push a date to do anything that makes him/her feel uncomfortable.

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Men cannot get a better guide in relationships than Doc Love.

The report states that Anna Wintour “fixed one of her trademark stoic glares upon Jones’ hosiery” during the staff meeting and that other Condé Nast employees allegedly made critical remarks about Jones’ wardrobe. Barbara Greenberg says mocking Jones’ work wear is “a form of harassment that’s specific to women in the workplace” and a variant of the “#Me Too” sexual harassment phenomenon that is much less likely to happen to men. Greenberg adds that it’s important to be aware of those who got on your nerves last year: “Be mindful of people who pushed your buttons before, and engage someone else in conversation. Barbara Greenberg 10 Ways to Help Teens Be Savvier About Texting Texting can be stressful for teens, who may be quick to misinterpret nonverbal information they receive in a message as negative. Barbara Greenberg suggests that parents encourage teens not to overthink a text message and if they are confused, to clarify information in the text by communicating more clearly with the person who sent it. Greenberg suggests having the teen pick up the phone to call a friend instead of messaging them.

No one benefits if you’re anxious and overstimulated. Greenberg’s advice for coping with ADHD during the holidays can be found by clicking the link above this paragraph. She explains that limiting a teen’s time spent texting, especially at mealtime, can help them be more present in the moment. November 3, 2017, Yahoo Lifestyle, Rachel Grumman Bender Girl Scouts Add ‘Raise Your Hand’ Patch, to Encourage Girls to Speak Up When 10-year-old Alice Paul Tapper noticed that the girls in her fifth grade class weren’t speaking up as much as the boys, she suggested her Girl Scout troop create a patch to encourage girls to use their voices more often and become confident leaders by raising their hands. Barbara Greenberg thinks this is a phenomenal idea, and says, “Once people start monitoring the behavior [of girls not speaking up] and it comes into awareness, that behavior will change in frequency.” She adds, “Since she’s calling it into awareness, the behavior will change, and girls will be more assertive and raise their hands.” To read more about this new Girl Scout patch visit Yahoo Lifestyle by clicking the link above.

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