Radiocarbon dating definition geology

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Even their temporary name for the gap — “Big Void” — seems designed to deflate any hyperventilating supposition. We are not trying to make any interpretations,” says Cairo University professor of engineering Hany Helal and another co-author.

“It’s too early from our point of view to go and conclude what is this void.” The cautious tone could be a response to the sometimes hyperbolic nature of Egyptology announcements.

The researchers refrain from making any guesses as to what their discovery could mean, however.

They can’t even say for sure yet whether their find is one large chamber or several smaller ones.

Muon detectors have since been used to image archaeological sites in Mexico as well as volcanoes and nuclear power plants.

The new DNA test was over 80 percent successful in tracing people from around the world back to their ancestral origins.

Such knowledge could help improve personalized medicine, forensic science and research pertaining to ancestral origins of different human populations.

Most of us can broadly trace our ancestral roots to a country or general region on the planet.

But a new DNA test can locate where your relatives lived over 1,000 years ago, and in some cases, even pinpoint the specific village or island your ancestors came from.

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