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A word of caution before you proceed: modding the GPS touches one of the core elements of your flight system.

All modifications require a great portion of care and good RC building skills are mandatory.

Use the drawing attached in the CAD file section below to cut the copper accordingly.

Apply adhesive tape on both sides to insulate thoroughly from electric shortcuts.

It can interfere and create shortcuts with the electronic components on the board if not applied properly.

Improve Shielding” as you can read about on many internet posts tried to fix this issue.

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This hack focuses on the GPS board of the 3DR Solo drone.However, some pilots reported long satellite acquisition times to get a fix even in non-obscured locations.Typically, this should take no longer than 30 sec to a minute in a “known” area where you have been flying before, and no longer than a couple of minutes if you are going to fly at a new location.Solo today is one of the very few state-of-the-art drones on the market which relies on GPS only.Many other brands are offering the Russian Glonass, Chinese Beidou, and/or as of recently, the European Galileo satellite systems in addition.

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