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Before posting it online, he contacted people on Twitter who had large amounts of followers.

He gave them a preview of the video; they in turn tweeted about it to their followers, creating a chain reaction.

Many people use the glaze to create a marbled effect that contains many colours, and one of the most popular glazes is galaxy-inspired icing that looks like the Milky Way.

The cake in the video, which was posted on Reddit by George_Sawan, was made by Canadian patissier Ksenia Penkina, who runs baking classes.

There are home-made efforts for famous songs all over You Tube, most are best avoided, but Ching's effort was a small delight: using time-lapse photography techniques, he shot visual representations of all 211 words used in the song's lyrics and interspersed them with images of LA.

It took Ching 50 hours to make and cost about 0.

Haulter just wanted to mark the occasion, but soon the photos she shared on Twitter went viral and the online bullies followed."Wow he loves you even tho you're fat," one Twitter user wrote."How much is the bet? Instead of firing back, Haulter simply wrote: "Don't see how people can be rude to people they don't even know."Her response went viral with more than 6,600 retweets and received thousands of replies, praising the young girl for her positive attitude."You guys are so beautiful and don't let the sad people of society ever take away those beautiful smiles.

"They both have good heads on their shoulders, and it's fun watching them grow together," Tom said.In May, he put it on his website,, under the banner "looking for work". The music site ran the video declaring, "We rarely post fan-made videos, but this is too good... " Within days Ching was contacted by Atlantic Records, Death Cab's label.They had no truck with his copyright infringement; in fact, they wanted to buy Ching's work and make it the official video.More than 11,000 people on Reddit have upvoted the entrancing video, which shows purple liquid icing being made in a jug before it is poured over a chocolate cake.The end result is quite frankly stunning, and the cake looks like the night sky.

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